David Warner

David has 40+ years in the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry. He has held senior technical positions at Santos, BHP, Oilmin, Moonie, Adelaide Energy, and Armour Energy.

David has been a pathfinder for the investigation into unconventional reservoirs in onshore Australia. He led the unconventional reservoir team at Santos for 5 years, and his team was the first in Australia to identify and quantify several new Basin Centered unconventional plays in the Cooper Basin and elsewhere in onshore Australia. This work led to the successful discoveries of several new plays and ongoing appraisal of their resources. He was directly involved in the first descriptions of the regional stress state of the Cooper Basin and, introduced the use of stress modelling and geomechanics to design new and innovative stimulation techniques. The team conducted the first successful fracture stimulation of a deep coal in the Cooper Basin.

As a consultant (DSWPET Pty Ltd) he described the unconventional potential of the Southern Georgina, Amadeus and McArthur Basins was also the lead author of the shale gas atlas of Australia published in 2010.